Colorado Springs Polticians and MMJ – El Paso County Commissioner District 1 – Part 2

Sorry for the Delay, its been a hectic battle we’re mustering the troops for this November. Here’s some insight on Darryl Glenn, an avid antagonist of patient rights and MMJ industry. Although Mr. Glenn represents the City as a Councilman for the affluent Northeast side of Colorado Springs, he has yet to visit any of the centers he so rigorously advocates to close. He is a true politician who attempted to capitalize on the Gazette debate by joining with the anti-MMJ power cartel that includes the District Attorney Dan May and State Representative Mark Waller. Fortunately, his attempt to bring a ban to the Colorado Springs ballot failed in August, again. Additionally, the short-sighted vision of Mr. Glenn is seen in his blatant disregard of any benefit that a brand-new, hybrid, urban/agricultural industry can bring in tax revenue, reduced spending, and economic potential. 

Self proclaimed as “A Proven Conservative”, current Colorado Springs City Councilman Daryl Glenn seems to think that Medical Marijuana Centers are a problem and the CSMCC has no reason to believe he’ll change his stance if elected as county commissioner. Recently, the Independent asked the Councilman why he thought Medical Cannabis Centers were a problem, and Glenn responded: “Right now, I do not believe I would support the medical dispensaries, because I fundamentally believe that that’s an expansive interpretation of Amendment 20 and I would prefer that the issue is dealt with on the federal level. … Yeah, I won’t support it here on the local level.”[2]

It seems that Glenn would rather skirt the issue to the federal government than deal with a State Constitutional Amendment as a locally elected official. Patients and citizens should ask this councilman why he thinks an industry ban is preferable to dealing with the regulation that comes with brand new markets. Daryl Glenn has long history of lacking decisive leadership as seen in a military career managing bureaucratic programs and his political career experienced in building roads, not new industries.

In fact, Darryl Glenn admits to never attending CSMCC politician tours, despite repeated invites. These facility tours are meant to educate leaders on the industry, its patients, and its issues so they can make informed decisions on behalf of patients in the future: “I have no problems going to a dispensary. Tanya Garduno’s been wanting to invite me to one for … I mean, every time I see her, she extends that invitation. But I keep reminding her that’s the second issue. The fundamental issue first is whether or not we are going to even allow dispensaries in this particular community.”[3]

What councilman Glenn fundamentally misunderstands is that we’ve already allowed dispensaries in every Colorado community. The primary issue, Mr. Glenn, should be a representative who is FULLY educated in Medical Cannabis when making decisions that have adverse effects on people’s health and well being. When Councilman Glenn tried to put another Ban up to vote for the City’s council on August 23rd, his motion failed 3 to 6.

Citizens should not vote Darryl Glenn in for County Commissioner if they want to protect the rights of small business owners and constitutionally-protected patients. The CSMCC is also still waiting to see if Mr. Glenn will want to learn about the patients and industry asking for his fair representation. If elected as County Commissioner, we wonder if he would do the same to other El Paso County residents who have similar issues they are passionate about. That’s why democracy exists and why patients would do best NOT to elect Darryl Glenn. You can reach Mr. Glenn at: 719-385-5493 and/or

To protect the rights of patients Colorado voted for in 2001, Mr. Glenn should know from the every citizen exactly how adverse his actions will be on the well being, lives, and businesses of thousands of El Paso County residents.

[1] The Gazette File “Glenn pushing for dispensary ban at today’s council meeting” [

[2] Bryce Crawford, Colorado Springs Independent, “Glenn: MMC vote is a matter of when..not if” [] 20 August 2010

[3] Bryce Crawford, Colorado Springs Independent, “Glenn: MMC vote is a matter of when..not if” [] 20 August 2010


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I belong to a new generation of market pioneers in the fastest growing industry in Colorado today. As a double business major in international business and finance I’ve studied the economic viability of medical marijuana centers in Colorado Springs. I’ve learned firsthand the in and outs of this industry and what it takes to progressively move brand new markets forward. As Membership Director for the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, I have seen the industry in Colorado blossom despite countless economic, political, legislative, and social barriers. I strive to deliver objective truth about medical cannabis issues and their economic, social, and medical implications for Colorado.
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