The BBB Eye and I – Dan May (Part 1)

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to sit down and chat with
local Better Business Bureau CEO Carol O’dell. This long standing organization
covers a monthly program about local issues that airs all month long on the
Library Channel. Given the positive reputation BBB businesses have, I was very
honored to speak with Carol on “The BBB Eye” program about medical
marijuana laws in Colorado.

At the time of the interview, I was unaware of the questions Carol
would ask despite being aware of the conservative nature of small business in
Colorado Springs. Carol was very cordial, respectful, and inquisitive about
medical cannabis and I enjoyed the experience.

In watching the video, I believe I represented patients fairly,
with their rights in mind. Although the laws may seem convoluted now, the fact
is Colorado has the most advanced economy for medical cannabis in the Nation.
Colorado Springs is especially interesting as it is the most competitive market
in Colorado, being the most “center-saturated” city in the State.

Unfortunately for the blooming industry in Colorado Springs,
centers still face one of the toughest District Attorneys in the State: Dan
May. Mr. May is staunchly opposed to MMJ. He was also interviewed by the BBB in
the July program concerning MMJ laws in Colorado. His public
record has not been favorable
toward MMJ patients or industry.

Mr. May made claims during last year’s MMJ
claiming marijuana made patients violent among other predictions of
increased crime at MMJ facilities. To this day, MMJ centers
remain one of the safer businesses in the City
according to the CSPD.

Mr. May’s BBB Eye Interview

Mr. May’s claims that our Colorado Senate “failed us” are clearly
misinforming and bias to both the BBB Eye and the Colorado public. Mr. May
expects the “fall out” to occur and implies the industry is a
majority of “renegade operations” waiting to be shut down. He
highlights most of the recommendations are from a handful of Doctors and
implies that they are “not in good standing”.

Here’s the article covering the “physician fall-0ut” Dan May is claiming.

The truth is only a handful of doctors have been declared in bad
standing, I think one because he had a restriction on his surgeon’s license for
having Parkinson’s disease. So the restrictions aren’t accurate measurements of
bad doctors. Clearly the law didn’t shake out shady doctors if the law is
denying patient recommendations from doctors who shake.

The District Attorney should respect the level of education a
doctor has when they sit down to evaluate a medical cannabis patient. Since Mr.
May is not qualified to make that evaluation, maybe he should focus more on
helping patients with laws instead of hurting them. I mean that literally.

I’m working with a cancer patient right now who is facing Mr.
May’s prosecution for growing potentially lifesaving medicine in the privacy of
his home. The Cops took his medical marijuana and now Mr. May’s office wants to
throw a leukemia patient who has been fighting to live for the past 4 years
into prison to await certain death.

How is this at all what voters should expect from their DA? How
can a jury find guilt in a patient’s health choice between improved life or worsening death?

Its patients like this that Mr. May needs to focus on
protecting, not prosecuting as Top Cop in Colorado Springs.

Call Dan and let him know how you feel about his views on the MMJ
industry and laws. His office number is: (719) 520-6000

Oh and see why he thinks throwing a sick man into prison is preferable to
letting him garden instead.

If you still don’t believe me about Dan May, see what Sean Paige had to say.

My portion of the interview is coming up next. Stay tuned.

About markandmmj

I belong to a new generation of market pioneers in the fastest growing industry in Colorado today. As a double business major in international business and finance I’ve studied the economic viability of medical marijuana centers in Colorado Springs. I’ve learned firsthand the in and outs of this industry and what it takes to progressively move brand new markets forward. As Membership Director for the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, I have seen the industry in Colorado blossom despite countless economic, political, legislative, and social barriers. I strive to deliver objective truth about medical cannabis issues and their economic, social, and medical implications for Colorado.
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