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I belong to a new generation of market pioneers in the fastest growing industry in Colorado today. As a double business major in international business and finance I’ve studied the economic viability of medical marijuana centers in Colorado Springs. I’ve learned firsthand the in and outs of this industry and what it takes to progressively move brand new markets forward. As Membership Director for the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, I have seen the industry in Colorado blossom despite countless economic, political, legislative, and social barriers. I strive to deliver objective truth about medical cannabis issues and their economic, social, and medical implications for Colorado.

Blog Move

Hi Everyone, I want to let everyone know my blog is still active, but it has been moved to: Please continue to follow my posts and RSS feed at the new page. Please tell your friends, family, and patients. … Continue reading

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The BBB Eye and I – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I shared a clip and video segment from the monthly show from the Better Business Bureau called “The BBB Eye”. Last time I talked about Dan May’s interview and I pointed out some areas of confusion from … Continue reading

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Dan May and Bob – Patient vs Prosecution

Bob Crouse has cancer. Leukemia, to be precise. When he was diagnosed by his doctor 4 years ago, he knew he only had a limited amount of time left on this earth. Like many other Cancer patients, Bob began looking … Continue reading

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The BBB Eye and I – Dan May (Part 1)

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to sit down and chat with local Better Business Bureau CEO Carol O’dell. This long standing organization covers a monthly program about local issues that airs all month long on the Library Channel. Given … Continue reading

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Compliance, Compliance, Compliance. Period.

Did I mention compliance? With July 1 2011 just around the corner, the industry focus has been very directly centered on becoming, and more importantly staying, compliant with medical marijuana rules and regulation. The MMED has made over 77 pages … Continue reading

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May Flowers Mature for Harvest By State LawTenders

Today marks the final day of this year’s legislative session. At midnight tonight, all proposed bills must have decisions on them made. For me, this means substantially less trips to Denver every week. At the last minute, despite the “study” recommendation … Continue reading

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House Bill 1261 Update – MMJ Advocates Limit Government from Setting Limits

Monday April 18, was a trying battle with the Senate Judiciary committee over HB 1261. This legislation targets and threatens patients with a choice between a blood test or losing one’s license for a year. The idea of legislators is … Continue reading

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